Picture of The Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David with title "Going Through The Gates"
Picture of The Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David with title "Going Through The Gates"
Going Through the Gates
Going Through the Gates

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Going Through The Gates Ministry, Inc.

The primary purpose of this Corporation/Organization is promoting an international ministry, Going Through The Gates, for the purpose of returning God's Remnant to the homeland of Israel. Our purpose will be fulfilled through taking teams of volunteers to provide humanitarian aid and strengthening Israel, while also encouraging God's Remnant to return through making Aliyah in fulfillment of Ezekiel 11:17-20.

David Michael is the founder and director of Going Through the Gates Ministry Inc and has been in ministry for 28 years on a volunteer basis. From a young age he felt God's hand and call upon his life. He had a very special experience with God at 12 years old. At summer camp one year on the first day he felt drawn to go into the forest during lunch and recess. As he walked, he found a log in a clearing and sat down. He felt the presence of the Lord slowly wash over him. Every day he went to the same place to be in the presence of the Lord. When the week at camp was over, he knew God was calling him and he would never be the same.

At 16 he preached his first sermon and became the teacher of the teens class. However, he insisted the class go by the Bible and not by the church’s teaching guide as it taught compromise rather than obedience. That is when his search for truth and his fight against compromise began.

David became an Eagle scout and then scout master at age 20. David also worked for 2 years with the Army Corps of Engineers in disaster relief in Florida. David has his BA in counseling from Coral Ridge University. He attended Temple Baptist Seminary in Orlando, FL for 2 years and has a teacher’s degree in Georgia where he taught adult education. After moving to South Georgia, the state prison system asked David to teach the prisoners construction trades.

David raised 7 children to know the Lord. The Lord was calling David to ministry his whole life. When his first wife passed away with cancer, he had an experience with God once again. He surrendered his life to God and full time ministry from that point on.

In the early 90’s, David was asked by the governor of North Carolina to be the guest speaker at the Raleigh, North Carolina State Capital Church and was asked to speak on the steps of the capital building in Raleigh, North Carolina. The event was about the issues of morality and the removal of God from public places and schools. The sponsors of the event were Women’s Aglow. David was the North Carolina branch sponsor for Women’s Aglow International.

In Asheville, NC he held prayer groups at individual homes and had a home church on Monday nights for pastor's and their wives. In April of 1995, David married his wife Jacqueline and they began full time ministry in Mission Harvest. David was the founder and director of Mission Harvest Ministries, an international ministry of helps that grew to send containers to 43 countries of the world. He also helped to raise up Rivna Spiritual Seminary in Rivna, Ukraine, helping to teach pastors, teachers, worship leaders, and missionaries. David was the key note speaker at their graduation. David helped raise up churches in Ukraine, held evangelistic events, and took teams of volunteers to help feed the hungry, distribute food and clothing, and minister to the forgotten Jews in Ukraine and Russia. On one occasion, David preached in a city in White Russia that no one had preached in for 70 years due to Communism. The President of the oblast and mayor of the city in White Russia organized this outdoor service and sat on the platform with David as he preached to a crowd of several thousand. David was also the founding endorser to raise up a charter school for Russian/Ukrainian immigrants in Florida.

David made several trips to Haiti where he helped to raise up churches, preach at large outdoor gatherings, and distributed food and clothing to the needy. He hosted an interview program in Asheville, NC at WFGW/WMIT AM/FM on the Billy Graham station where he interviewed ministries in America, as well as other countries, to help promote their ministry work. David Michael was the pastor and director of a one new man congregation, Temple of Praise, for 11 years. David is the author of a historical fiction called “The Journey of Sacrificial Love.”

Jacqueline Michael has worked in ministry with her husband David Michael, as the secretary, office manager and bookkeeper since their marriage.  While helping David run Mission Harvest and Temple of Praise, Jacqueline wrote grant proposals to the State Department requesting shipping for donated items sent by container to Ukraine, paid for by the United States government as part of the treaty program that came about after perestroika took place.  Jacqueline put together the shipping manifests and coordinated all container shipments to the Ukraine. She helped plan mission trips to Ukraine, and Haiti, by setting up travel plans, accommodations, and obtaining visas for each team member that volunteered to help distribute food, clothing, medical supplies, and school supplies. Jacqueline taught on several occasions at The Rivna Spiritual Seminary which David and Jacqueline helped raise up. On several different occasions, Jacqueline helped with youth camps in Ukraine and America where she taught crafts and songs to the children.

Jacqueline and her daughters Triana and April sang in Ukrainian and Russian when ministering in Ukraine and America. She homeschooled her daughters and has an Associate of Science degree with great interest in Nutrition.

April Michael has worked in ministry with her parents, David and Jacqueline, since she was five years old. She began singing in many churches at this age helping to present the mission work and raise funds. She has also shared her testimony and sang at Rivna Spiritual Seminary, as well as, at outdoor services while on mission trips to Ukraine. While on a 3-month mission trip to Ukraine, April took classical piano lessons from a well-known instructor at Rivna Spiritual Seminary. On several different occasions, April helped with youth camps in Ukraine and America where she taught crafts and songs to the children.  She has tutored children and assisted them with completing their homework. April has also volunteered at an ABCCM food bank in Candler, NC. She is currently learning piano and acoustic guitar. April has her Associates degree in Office Administration – Office Applications Assistant from Cleveland State Community College. While at Lee University April studied for a Bachelor’s of Music in Church Music – Vocal Emphasis. She toured to many different states and churches with The Ladies of Lee and sang in this and other choirs at several events held at Lee University. April has worked at a call center in the past and currently works at a home improvement's store. April has done much of the computer work for the ministries her family has founded and built the website for Plumbline Publications and Going Through the Gates Ministry.  She also edited the book, “The Journey of Sacrificial Love.” April greatly enjoys giving, being with children, and music.

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Title photo of the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, Israel taken by Yoninah - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link