Picture of The Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David with title "Going Through The Gates"
Picture of The Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David with title "Going Through The Gates"
Going Through the Gates
Going Through the Gates

Down Memory Lane

Come with us now as we travel down memory lane; reminiscing about some of the things God has done. It was the year 1995 when I heard God's still small voice whisper, "Mission Harvest." I began to ask, "Lord, what does this mean?" Within a few weeks, God revealed that my mission was the harvest of souls. My wife Jacqueline and I filled a box with food from our cabinet and prayed for God to show us someone in need. After that first food box we began stocking our garage with food and praying for more people in need. It was Christmas time and with the help of volunteers and donors, we were able to give twenty families food, clothing, and toys. In a few months, God gave us a building to house Mission Harvest's food pantry and thrift store. I quit my job and gave up the house where we were living so that we could devote all our resources and energy to the ministry. For the first year the four of us camped out in the 10x10 office of the mission, and lived on $338 a month. In a short time, Mission Harvest grew to become one of the largest food pantries in western North Carolina; ministering to the needs of hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants, Hispanic migrant workers, and the local community.


By 1999, I had six heart bypasses and was not able to keep up with the pressure of being the president and director of Mission Harvest because of its size. Before turning Mission Harvest over to another organization we sent containers of food, clothing, blankets, and medical supplies in support of missionaries in 43 countries of the world.


Our last shipment was to Romania consisting of four containers filled with pre-cut, ready to assemble building materials for a girl’s orphanage. Additionally, three different churches sent carpenters to help build the orphanage. Kitchen appliances, utensils, and furnishings were also included.


After that time, we began to work as a family, shipping containers and going to distribute the food, clothing, and supplies in the respective countries. Now come with us as we look back.


Each photo below is a link to some of the pictures of our work. Please click each picture to view more images.

Mission Harvest and Missions to Ukraine and Russia

Our sign at Mission Harvest. The humble beginning.

David, Jacqueline, Triana, and April minister at a service held in an old theater in Ukraine.

David, Jacqueline, April, and volunteers finish packing a container being sent to Ukraine.

Children at an orphanage in Ukraine hold up their winter hats that were donated to us from around the world.

David stands with the pastors and community where a new church was being built in Haiti. We supported this church with funds to help them complete the building that would also be a school.

Pictured here is Diane Gorham, a medical missionary in Kitwe, Zambia that we supported. Behind her are a few of the people to whom she provided food and medical attention.

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Title photo of the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, Israel taken by Yoninah - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link