Picture of The Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David with title "Going Through The Gates"
Picture of The Jaffa Gate and the Tower of David with title "Going Through The Gates"
Going Through the Gates
Going Through the Gates

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Plumbline Publications:

Parables to direct our course and illuminate our path.


Presenting books and newsletters that will take you from being on the edge of your seat in intrigue and suspense, to rolling with laughter, to weeping with the tenderness of the the heartwarming story.

Come with us as we take this exciting journey into a world of original and extraordinary stories.


Watch for these new titles soon to be released:

  • To Kill the Prophet

  • Grandpa's Old Race Horse

  • Three Searching for Mommy

  • Those Troublesome Apples

  • Little Esther and the Old Preacher Man

  • Times of Sorrow, Tears, and Joy

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The Journey of Sacrficial Love.



God has given all of humankind a free will like His own. This life on earth is the testing ground to determine whether or not people will

discipline his or her will so that they can live together in peace, love, compassion, and harmony with the family of humankind.


Is our free will disciplined enough to live among other free willed people? The measure of a man is in his heart and the heart disciplines

and guides his free will.


The story in this book and its characters allow us to examine the hearts and actions of people, how they determine the choices of their

free will, and how that free will affects those around them.

Now to the story.


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Title photo of the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, Israel taken by Yoninah - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link